A curious designer with a wide range of experience.

Ever since as a kid I have always loved creating stuff and use pen and paper sketching for hours. I am a curious person that wants to learn something new every day.

After school I saw this as a problem, not having a speciality or to be able to focus on one thing and get really good at that.

Now I see this at my strength. It is so good to have worked with Prepress to understand the printing process from start to finish. Or as a Photographer and learning good composition and color correction. As a Graphic Designer sketching a logo to make it look good both on web and on a building. And that feeling when you see that logo on a car or billboard…

I have worked as a Product Designer, building prototypes and 3D visualization. It is very satisfying when you see one of you products in a store, or even better in someones home.

I really love UX design and I think my wide background is the main reason for this. I now work as an Art Director and User Experience Designer. I think I start to understand how to design good products with a high business value. I love the problem solving aspect of design and the opportunities it gives us.

But you can always learn something new and my best skill is my curiosity.


Art Direction
Graphic Design
UX Design
Video Editing
Web Design
Product Design